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Health IT Briefing Nov. 26-30

How IT Support Streamlines EHR Optimization, Boosts EHR Usability

Enabling enhanced clinical efficiency and EHR usability typically means more work on the IT side.  Investing in additional IT services can help shorten the adjustment period that follows EHR optimization and system upgrades for improved EHR usability.

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Socioeconomic Data Will Play Key Role in Population Health for Minorities

As healthcare continues to evolve, organizations are beginning to realize that additional socioeconomic data such as living conditions, working conditions, and other environmental and social considerations  need to be factored into analytics and population health management initiatives.

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Dental Breach Notification Sparked by EMR Vendor Refusal

Are safeguards in place at your organization to prevent your vendor from holding your data?  HIPAA guidelines describe how protected health information should be handled between business entities, but, can extenuating circumstances play a role in the transfer and holding of data?

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