Athenahealth Still Weighing Acquisition Offer

As we enter June, athenahealth finally responded but still has not made a decision regarding the acquisition offer from Elliott. As seen in the letters from Elliott to athenahealth, shareholders support the acquisition as they are upset with past performance, Elliott believes their offer is fair and profitable to athenahealth, investors believe the sale to Elliott is viable and inevitable and the media projects that rejection of the offer would anger shareholders and endanger athenahealths survival. To read all letters from Elliott to athenahealth, follow the Read more link below.
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EHR Initiatives Continue To Emerge

May was another busy month for hospitals and healthcare organizations as EHR implementations and interoperability growth continued. Big players such as Apple, athenahealth, Allscripts and Cerner have all made notable moves and, with the slower summer months coming, we hope to see continued rollouts and advancements.
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Facilitating A Smooth EHR Transition

EHR systems are one of the key factors that keep a healthcare organization running smoothly. With user satisfaction being one of the greatest concerns, many organizations opt to replace their system with a new one to try to fit their needs better & keep providers happy. This transition effects many aspects of the organizations routine, making both EHR system selection and implementation company selection crucial decisions for overall success.
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