HRSA Funding Announcement

HRSA announced that the $90,000,000 allocated to over 1,300 Community Health Centers under the Delivery System Health Information Investment (DSHII) has been officially released.  This funding, which is expected to be the last of its type until after Fiscal Year 2017, is designated for a wide range of health IT, EMR, and infrastructure needs.

The evolving landscape of healthcare with payment reform and population health requires that your health center develops plans to address long-term strategic health IT initiatives. Your allocation of investment dollars today will have a significant impact on Revenue, Provider Productivity, Provider Retention, Patient Satisfaction and Employee Satisfaction.

As a national healthcare quality and technology services partner that has ben working with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) for over 15 years, we recommend that this one-time investment be leveraged to enhance long-term capacity.

Developing a sustainable long-term IT & Health IT Strategy by 

  • Optimizing, Enhancing or incrementally replacing EMR
  • Standardizing and improving workflow processes and documentation
  • Deploying strategies to transition IT and Health IT services to the Cloud
  • Performing infrastructure technology remediation and upgrades
  • Developing analytics strategy, capability and capacity

DSHII Q&A Webinar

BlueNovo is offering a complimentary webinar to all FQHCs nationwide to help answer your questions regarding this grant opportunity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this grant available to?

All existing Health Center Program award recipients

When is the deadline for this funding opportunity?

Applications are due in EHB by 5:00PMET on July 20, 2016. HRSA anticipates that awards will be made in September 2016.

When will funding be awarded?

HRSA indicates that awards will be made in September 2016

How much can i anticipate to receive from this grant?

Eligible health centers received an email on June 20, 2016 indicating the availability of the DSHII application and the maximum amount of supplemental funds each health center may request. Funding allocations were determined based on each health center’s 2015 Uniform Data System (UDS) report. The maximum amount of funding that can be requested was derived from the following formula:

  • A base amount of $40,000, plus
  • An additional $1.00 per health center patient, plus
  • An additional $2.00 per health center uninsured patient.
What types of activities are allowable under the DSHII supplemental funding opportunity?

Applicants must propose activities that fall under one or more of the following Activity Categories, and will indicate if the proposed activities will enhance telehealth services in the Project Overview Form. An extensive list of example activities for each Activity Category is included on pages 5-6 of the DSHII Application Instructions.

  1. Equipment and Supplies Purchases, such as expanded server capacity to provide necessary data storage, ONC-certified electronic health record (EHR)1 or upgrades to achieve an ONC-certified EHR system, and communication hardware and software used with telehealth services (e.g., webcams, videoconferencing equipment).
  2. Health Information System Enhancements, such as fees for expert consultants to help develop clinical and operational workflows, EHR enhancements to support integration of data from multiple clinical services or documentation of telehealth patient encounters, and integration of clinical decision support tools into EHRs.
  3. Training costs, such as training for providers and staff to implement and optimize use of heath IT improvements.
  4. Data Aggregation, Analytics and Data Quality Improvement Activities, such as implementation of data aggregation tools to improve data quality, aggregation, and analytic capacity; and implementation of reporting software and/or modification of


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Please contact us to discuss further how we can partner on this grant opportunity together.  BlueNovo’s team of practicing physicians, seasoned executives, and healthcare technology experts focus exclusively on FQHCs and are excited about the opportunities for health centers made available through the release of this funding.