Understanding Your Challenges

Bridging Your Needs Through Technology

Since our inception, BlueNovo has made a commitment to support community-based healthcare organizations. These organizations are at the forefront of providing healthcare to the nation’s most deserving and least served populations.


Grant Reporting

FQHCs and CHCs are required to provide some of the most demanding data requirements in order to maintain grant funding. BlueNovo’s Analytics focus area aims to support these organizations to meet those requirements.

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EHR Support Staff Continuity

FQHCs and CHCs face high turnover in EHR support staff leading to disruptions in clinical business continuity and operations. BlueNovo’s EHR managed services offerings help to augment EHR support staff to allow for continued growth.

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Outdated Infrastructure

Given healthcare’s dependency on technology, healthcare leaders shoulder the burden of ensuring outages and disruptions to clinic flow and patient care are avoided. BlueNovo can help ensure that your ongoing technological investments bring the intended return on investment and provide a guiding hand to your transition to cloud-based technologies.

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Electronic Health Record Utilization

Given the broad range of services FQHCs and CHCs provide, the EHR’s ability to support various documentation and workflow requirements continue to be a challenge. BlueNovo’s ability to combine its clinical and technical competencies have proven to be a valuable asset to its customers.

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Technology Strategy

IT and Health IT have an outsized impact on health center operations; impacting productivity, revenue, staff satisfaction and patient satisfaction. BlueNovo partners with PCAs and HCCNs to assist with the development of tailored technology strategies for member health centers.

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EHR Technical Assistance

The provision of training and technical assistance is an important piece of PCA & HCCN services. The BlueNovo team partners with PCAs to assist with carrying out these services, adapted to needs by location across the country.

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Data Aggregation

The ability to combine and compare data across PCA and HCCN member health centers is powerful. BlueNovo works with PCAs and HCCN on data aggregation strategy as well as vendor selection, implementation and maintenance of Population Health Management tools.

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Quality Improvement Initiatives

PCAs and HCCNs work on specific Quality Improvement initiatives by location, grant or other aims to improve patient outcomes. BlueNovo assists with the strategy and execution behind leveraging data to support Quality Improvement initiatives. 

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