Fortune 50 Companies Become Increasingly Involved In Healthcare Industry

As more Fortune 50 companies realize the potential of investment growth in the ever expanding healthcare industry market, their involvement in the healthcare sector has increased dramatically. As with any novel investment opportunity, Fortune 50 companies will need to act fast to outbid and outperform each other before all voids are filled.
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Thirty Percent Of Practices To Replace Their Existing EHR System By 2021

A 2018 Black Book Survey shows that 30% of practices are unhappy with their current EHR systems and are looking to make a change. Healthcare providers only have limited amounts of time to see their patients and would rather not spend that dealing with a system that doesn’t function properly or efficiently. As a result, we may see a rise in customized EHR systems versus blanket systems that don’t allow for fine-tuning to the organizations needs.
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CMS Releases 2018 Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Participation Lookup Tool

CMS is required to provide an incentive program for health centers & clinicians to fuel healthcare growth and patient care level while reducing the cost of care for both patient and provider. Different levels of monetary motivators provided through this program entice practices to keep their standards at a high level in order to qualify.
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