Telehealth Use Increases with COVID-19 Pandemic

Telehealth has become increasingly popular as the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread. Allowing for safety of staff in the treatment of patients, and adhering to social distancing suggestions, many states are increasing their telehealth & telemedicine usage rapidly.
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Things you should know

Payers and providers are investing in analytics tools focused on addressing social determinants of health to improve care for patients.
“Our investment in Socially Determined will help advance our mission to improve healthcare quality and increase access to care for our members,” Ricardo Johnson, vice president of Healthworx, stated, “the company’s focus on measuring the impact of social determinants of health will play a significant role in transforming our healthcare landscape.” Read more HERE

Health IT Briefing March 4-8

Misconfigured database leads to major data breach at UW Medicine

Seattle-based UW Medicine is announcing close to 1 million patients of a database configuration error that has exposed their protected health information on the internet for several weeks.  The files contained personal health information that UW Medicine is legally required to track in compliance with Washington state reporting requirements.

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UnitedHealthcare Helps People Manage Chronic Conditions Through Data-Powered Nerve Center As Navigate4Me Program Expands

UnitedHealthcare has announced that it will be increasing leverage data from it’s digital devices to their UnitedHealthcare Nerve Center. Their goal is to help patients manage chronic conditions by helping them enroll in the Medicare Advantage plan more effectively.

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4 Coding Changes Likely To Impact Healthcare Practices In 2019

Medical coding brings consistency to the documentation of treatments, procedures and other care patients receive.  Here are the top 4 coding changes medical coding specialists and other people who handle technical aspects of healthcare should be aware of.

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Health IT Briefing Feb.25-March 1

Data Points: Data exchange still a struggle 10 years after HITECH Act

February marks the 10th anniversary of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act being signed into law. Although there has been much progress, the industry has yet to implement a universal way to move patient records from one care setting to another.

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HIMSS19: Top takeaways from the health IT show

The top discussions from this years health IT global conference included info-blocking, APIs, FHIR, artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Tom Sullivan explains his top five takeaways from this years conference.

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Case Study: Solving Patient Matching with the New Gold-Standard in EMPI Technology

Axia Women’s Health is the largest integrated OB/GYN healthcare provider in the United States.  Axia Women’s Health has solved it’s patient matching challenges and dramatically reduced its duplicate records by deploying a cloud-based master patient index (MPI) solution.  It has become the new gold-standard in patient matching technology: Referential Matching.

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Health IT Briefing Feb.18-22

How IT Support Streamlines EHR Optimization, Boosts EHR Usability

Enabling enhanced clinical efficiency and EHR usability typically means more work on the IT side.  Investing in additional IT services can help shorten the adjustment period that follows EHR optimization and system upgrades for improved EHR usability.

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Socioeconomic Data Will Play Key Role in Population Health for Minorities

As healthcare continues to evolve, organizations are beginning to realize that additional socioeconomic data such as living conditions, working conditions, and other environmental and social considerations  need to be factored into analytics and population health management initiatives.

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Dental Breach Notification Sparked by EMR Vendor Refusal

Are safeguards in place at your organization to prevent your vendor from holding your data?  HIPAA guidelines describe how protected health information should be handled between business entities, but, can extenuating circumstances play a role in the transfer and holding of data?

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Health IT Briefing Feb.11-15

The Modern Healthcare Storage Environment: How To Balance Storage Capacity, Performance, And Cost

The rapidly increasing need for efficient, reliable, and cost-effective storage is at a all time high.  According to IDC Research, healthcare’s digital assets are growing at 48 percent annually, faster than the average annual growth of data in other industries.  Since data has become a critical tool in healthcare delivery, this demand has health care providers looking for high security solutions to fit this ever growing need.

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HIMSS19: CMMI launching challenge competition to drive AI innovation

A new challenge was announced by the federal government.  The intention of the challenge competition is to explore the use of artificial intelligence to predict health outcomes and improve health care delivery.

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Cybersecurity products rolling out at HIMSS19

HIMSS19, and a variety of vendors are coming out with new technologies designed to better protect healthcare information.  Atos, has launched a new cybersecurity offering to now include managed security services, cloud security and identity management.

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