Health IT Briefing Nov. 26-30

How IT Support Streamlines EHR Optimization, Boosts EHR Usability

Enabling enhanced clinical efficiency and EHR usability typically means more work on the IT side.  Investing in additional IT services can help shorten the adjustment period that follows EHR optimization and system upgrades for improved EHR usability.

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Socioeconomic Data Will Play Key Role in Population Health for Minorities

As healthcare continues to evolve, organizations are beginning to realize that additional socioeconomic data such as living conditions, working conditions, and other environmental and social considerations  need to be factored into analytics and population health management initiatives.

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Dental Breach Notification Sparked by EMR Vendor Refusal

Are safeguards in place at your organization to prevent your vendor from holding your data?  HIPAA guidelines describe how protected health information should be handled between business entities, but, can extenuating circumstances play a role in the transfer and holding of data?

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Health IT Briefing Oct. 28-Nov. 2

AWS signs on with NIH cloud services project

It joins Google Cloud and others in the STRIDES Initiative, which aims to speed medical innovation by making large troves of genomic research data more easily available.

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Top Interoperability Questions to Consider During EHR Selection

Ensuring an EHR vendor’s product offerings align with organizational needs related to interoperability is imperative during EHR selection.

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LabCorp Enables Health Records on iPhone

New functionality available to LabCorp patients through the Health app

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Health IT Briefing Oct. 22-26

Google Deep Learning Tool 99% Accurate at Breast Cancer Detection

A deep learning tool developed by Google accurately identified breast cancer in pathology slides and reduced average slide review time.

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Most US Consumers Worry about Electronic Health Records Breach

The Unisys Security Index measures concerns of consumers on issues related to national, personal, financial and Internet security around the world. The global index continues to reflect record levels of overall concern 19% higher than in 2014.

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AWS Opioid Crisis Council Committed to Help Solve the Opioid Epidemic

“Amazon will help first responders more efficiently access critical medical records and has programmed Alexa voice service to answer important questions about opioids and addiction,” Huseman said.

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Health IT Briefing Oct. 15-19

Providers Looking to EHRs for Opioid-related Population Health

Given the nation-wide challenges surrounding the Opioid epidemic, providers look to their EHR vendors to help them with the management and dispensation of opioids, according to the KLAS survey. “After EMR vendors, Appriss Health and state PDMPs/HIEs are the second and third most mentioned vendors or technologies, being mentioned by over 40 percent of interviewed organizations,” says KLAS.

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Increase Patient Outreach Effectiveness Through Text Messaging

Healthcare organizations are turning to technology to streamline and automate workflow and processes. This example of how North Florida Women’s Care adoption of digital patient outreach to overcome their telephone communication challenges shows the power of the right technology at the right level. Text Messaging is widely available, straight forward, and most importantly convenient. While it’s not the best medium for all types of messages, it can cover quite a bit of ground.

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Interoperability Matters

In an effort to remove the remaining real and perceived barriers of interoperability, the Sequoia Project has launched the Interoperability Matters Advisory Group to tackle data blocking and other interoperability related topics with an aim to help inform public (ONC) policy. Through workgroups, various government and private stakeholders will be invited to participate to review real world challenges and determine the practical solutions to address.

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Health IT Briefing Oct. 8-12

Carequality Looking To Leverage FHIR

The interoperability framework is seeking input from both Carequality members and non-members to inform the development of a new FHIR Implementation Guide. Carequality intends to identify broad, nationwide FHIR implementation specifications that the Carequality Interoperability Framework could potentially help to govern and deploy using the FHIR specification.

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Blockchain In Healthcare Still Faces Hurdles

According to a PwC Health Research Institute Survey, nearly have of executives report they plan to develop or adopt blockchain solutions. Despite security benefits, many are skeptical given lack of trust, knowledge, regulatory uncertainty, and interoperability.

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Former GE Healthcare Value-Based Care Solutions Group Rebrands as Virence Health Technologies

The Value-Based Care Solutions Group, recently acquired by Veritas Capital from GE Healthcare, announced its rebranding to Virence Health Technologies. The Virence portfolio includes Revenue Cycle Management Solutions, Ambulatory Care Management Solutions, and Workforce Management Solutions.

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Weekly 3 things you should know

Leading Healthcare Organizations Push For New Records Request Process

A new digital health records request method, led by X4 Health, was released at the Biden Cancer Summit in D.C. on September 21st. The new tool, called the “Health Record Request Wizard”, simplifies and promotes the digital process of records requests. This new method is supported by a grant from the Commonwealth Fund and aims to help millions of patients & providers avoid timely efforts just to obtain medical records.
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Three Traits That Top Performing Practices All Have In Common

The Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) identified in a recent report the three things that better performing practices do to place themselves at the top of their industry. The three areas are culture, which includes making sure patient and provider satisfaction are always prioritized, strategic process, where organizations set strong goals and are always working towards them, and operations, which depends highly upon technology and streamlining through updated technology tools.
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Cybersecurity Will Remain A Top Challenge For Healthcare Executives In 2019

According to a new survey by the Healthcare Executive Group (HCEG), cybersecurity will be one of the top ten challenges facing healthcare executives next year. This is the fourth year in a row that cybersecurity has made it into the top ten challenges and, as healthcare becomes more and more interconnected, technology will need to consider these growing threats that may effect an even broader database.
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